The website SEO audit refers to the analysis of the individual factors that determine the visibility of the website in the search engines. Typically, many website owners usually enlist the services of the professional SEO to help them examine their websites.

The professional SEO make use of various tools that highlight the problems that need to be fixed. The website audit is highly recommended as it gives you a better understanding of why the website is not performing as expected.

Preparing for an SEO Audit

seo audit Before you decide to undertake the SEO audit of your website, you need to plan accordingly. A complete and deep audit usually requires planning to ensure that everything goes well as planned.

You may need to establish some of the most effective audit tools; by establishing this, your planning for the same will be a little bit easier. We have various tools online that you can use to perform the SEO audit.

Feasible Audit Strategy

After you have prepared accordingly, you may need to create a feasible audit strategy. Creating a feasible audit strategy will help you to get a better understanding of your goals. One of the positives of the website audit is that it will improve various issues and help in pushing your website to new levels.

A thorough audit will assist you in analyzing the keywords, gaining insight into your competition, and help you in solving technical issues with your website. A website audit will help you improve your site rankings as it will highlight some of the good things on your website and some of the things that need fixing.

On-site SEO

The on-site SEO is critical when it comes to the SEO audit checklist. You need to take into consideration some of the factors that I am going to highlight if you want to check whether your site has been correctly optimized for the search engines.

Descriptions and Titles

Descriptions and titles are important when it comes to the on-site SEO. They should be unique for every page and should be within the recommended size. The user should be able to easily tell from the title and description what the website is all about.

URL Structure

url of a websiteThe URL structure is another critical area that many people usually ignore. You should check the URLs of all the pages and ensure that they are unique and they have been properly formatted.

You should be on the lookout for the broken URL. One characteristic of the good URLs is that they should contain keywords, The keywords should, however, not be stuffed. The hyphen should be included to separate the keywords and should be less than 250 characters, that is including the domain name.